North Myrtle Beach Kayak

Come kayak with Atlantic Watersports Paddle Company

Kayak Rental right on the beach! Our kayak rentals are on the beach and you can go right out and start paddling. No transporting of kayak by car needed. You do not have to go to some channel to enjoy kayaking in North Myrtle Beach

We’re located at 29th ave south in North Myrtle Beach next to Baywatch Resort!

All water activities are weather dependent so plan ahead. (check the weather links at the bottom of our site)
We rent kayaks directly on the beach with designated surf zone and lifeguards for your safety and convenience.
No transporting heavy equipment or worrying about strapping to vehicle for your fun on the ocean.
We have refreshments, umbrellas, and beach bar at our location!

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Kayak Rental


  • Tandem Kayak
    $30 1st hour and $5 each additional hour
  • Single Kayak
    $20 1st hour and $5 each additional hour
  • Included with rental:
    PFD, Emergency whistle, Paddle, Transport to water’s edge

Certified Paddle Fit Instructor Available

Kayak, Surf and Paddle board instructor

Hannah is the best instructor on the Grand Strand

Apart from being friendly and very good at teaching and enthusiastic about getting you out on the waves, Hannah is well qualified!

  • CPR/First Aid
  • American Red Cross Lifeguard
  • Open Water Rescue Certified
  • Paddlefit Level 2 Certification
  • NR-EMT
  • Firefighter Level 1

Our kayaks are sit-on-top ocean kayaks. Perfect for kayaking in the surf!

 Kayaking in North Myrtle Beach is great for people of all skill levels.  Mornings are generally calm and make for easy paddling out on a kayak. Occasionally you will see dolphins or schools of fish all around you.  We also have sea turtle and if you are lucky you will encounter one as it takes a time out catching his breath on the surface.
Ocean Kayaking in North Myrtle Beach can be an exciting ride on breaking waves as well.  As temperatures rise, winds pick up and the swells provide a fun ride on waves.  Paddling past the breakers is a little challenging but provides you with a unique way to experience the ocean.
North Myrtle Beach Kayak rentals with Atlantic Paddle sports are available on the beach at the surf zone so you don’t have to transport your ocean kayak on your car to another location.  Just Rent the kayak and paddle out!
Another benefit is that our expert instructors are available for lessons if you need them.
  • Kayak Rental on the beach
  • No need to transport kayak
  • Sit on top Kayaks
  • Easy, fun, Kayaking in North Myrtle Beach

Kayaking Surfing Myrtle Beach

Arlantic Watersports is the place you can rent a kayak right on the beach and paddle out right away.  There is no hauling a kayak on top of your car or riding in a van to a drop off and having to be on their schedule.

Just come to our location at 29th Ave South in North Myrtle Beach and get right out on the water!  If you are staying at Baywatch Resort just walk out on the beach and you will see us to your right.

We have expert instructors available if you need help. Our kayak rental  location is right on the beach and you can enjoy a full day of North Myrtle Beach kayaking if you like, and not have to struggle with the kayak trying to get it back to the rental office. Our Kayak Rental “office” is on the beach!

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