North Myrtle Beach ParasailOur Coast Guard inspected parasail boats launch you from the flight deck to hundreds of feet above the Atlantic Ocean. As you soar high in the sky you get a birds eye view of the ocean and the Grand Strand.

As you fly, you have a sense of calm, more than action. You are in a place looking down on the world like few others experience. Viewing clouds from a different perspective and looking into the ocean to see what’s swimming right below the surface.
You might take a slight dip or skim just above the waves as you ride along.


Dolphins and sea turtles are frequently spotted, as well as many other ocean critters. At the end of your adventurous flight, you are gently returned to the flight deck of the boat.
Throughout your parasail adventure you will be in the care of the most experienced licensed U.S. Coast Guard captains on the Grand Strand.
It’s Freakin’ Cool, Man

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Ride along!

The most experienced Myrtle Beach Parasail Captains get a little wet.
Yes – even our captains go for a ride from time to time

…and they love it!

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Parasailing in Myrtle Beach Atlantic Watersports Parasailing

Guests enjoy a relaxing time under our umbrellas as they await their flight.  Our section of beach is one of the best on the Grand Strand and our refreshments mean you don’t have to lug a cooler!